A very fine contemporary model of a Joint Carronade

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A very fine contemporary model of a Joint Carronade as fitted to the sides of ships, c 1800. The iron barrel is of classic form, fitted with a short nozzle, an integral loop instead of trunnions, an elevating screw, fixed open sights, a dovetail bracket to receive an auxiliary foresight, and a bore which is hollowed at the muzzle to assist loading and minimise the fire hazard of muzzle flash. The barrel retains nearly all of its original bituminous paint finish. On its oak bed with iron fittings including elevating screw, axis pin and brackets; the oak bed slides along and turns across its mahogany carriage which has iron fittings including bracket mounts and pin, and is fitted with copper shod pierced iron wheels. Superb colour and age patina overall.
Length of barrel 13¼" (34cms) Length of carriage 14¾" (38cms)
these guns, affectionately referred to as "The smasher" were famously used on H.M.S. Victory at Trafalgar. For a good account of their development see "Carronades and Blomefield Guns - Developments in Naval Ordnance, 1778-1805" B. Lavery in "British Naval Armaments" Ed R.D. Smith, Royal Armouries 1989. The illustration showing a joint Carronade in situ dates from 1785 or earlier.