A scarce Royal Naval prize dirk

Daggers/Knives/Dirks, Naval Items
A scarce Royal Naval prize dirk presented by King George Vth in 1927. The blade, by Gieves, is polished and etched with crowned GVR cypher amidst scrolling foliage together with the inscription "PRESENTED BY H.M. KING GEORGE V TO CHIEF CADET CAPTAIN WILLIAM ANTHONY JUNIPER 4TH APRIL, 1927". The regulation brass mounted hilt retains slight traces of gilding, the grip is covered with sharkskin bound with twisted brass wire.The hilt retains its bullion dress knot and is retained in its brass mounted leather sheath with spring retaining catch on the locket which is also applied with a silver badge of the Royal Arms.
Blade length 18¼" (46.5cms) Overall length 23¾" (60.5cms)
W. A. Juniper rose to the rank of Lt. Cdr and was awarded the DSO for his engagement with the enemy whilst commanding H.M.S. Whitshed (2nd Division, 16th Destroyer Flotilla) during operation Cerberus 11-13 Feb 1942, against the Scharnhorst, Gneisnau and Prinz Eugen. He was further awarded the D.S.C., gazetted 9.Feb.43 "for bravery and enterprise when a West bound enemy convoy was intercepted off Dieppe by our light naval forces and one supply ship and one escorting ship sunk, and others damaged", Mentioned in Despatches, gazetted 1.1.1941