A good composite English pikeman’s armour

A good composite English pikeman’s armour, circa 1640, comprising the helmet (pot) formed in two halves with a low comb, riveted brim and borders, simple plume socket, struck with a crowned A (Armourer’s Company mark c 1631-1650), a crowned IR(James II arsenal mark) and the maker’s initial F (the mark of John Frankling, recorded in 1619). The collar (gorget) is formed from two plates, the front plate is struck with the maker’s recessed mark WC (the mark of William Crouch, recorded in 1619). The breastplate of good form with its original riveted hinged tassets each embossed with six lames, struck with maker’s large initials ID (possibly John Dawston, recorded at the Royal Workshop at Greenwich in 1624/25) together with a crowned IR. The almost matching backplate is also struck with a crowned IR and fitted with later shoulder straps and waistbelt. The breastplate, tassets and backplate are all covered with a contemporary blackened munition finish; the breastplate and tassets have contemporary gold painted edges and rivets. Mounted on a wooden stand. Excellent condition and patina.Provenance HM Tower of London, and Tiverton Castle.
See "The London Armourers of the 17th Century", T.Richardson, Royal Armouries, 2004 for further details of the makers and their marks.