A good Light Cavalry trooper’s sword c 1780-1788.

Military Swords
A good Light Cavalry trooper’s sword c 1780-1788. The broad straight blade with a single edge and with a slightly clipped back tip, struck at the forte with a Board of Ordnance type crown, together with the initials HO crowned. The robust stirrup hilt is made from brass, and the guard has rounded langets. The wooden grip is covered with black painted sharkskin. Good patina overall. For this pattern of sword see B. Robson “Swords of the British Army” London 1975, Nos 3 & 4; and C. Martyn “The British Cavalry Sword from 1600” Barnsley 2004 No 32 pp 56/7. For details of Henry Osborn see L. Southwick “London Silver Hilted Swords” Leeds 2001 pp 189-190.
Blade length 36” (91.5cms) Overall length 41½” (105.5cms)
Asignificant number of these swords, all in excellent condition, have appeared over the last 30 years, and point to a particular dispersal. The initials HO on the blade probably stand for Henry Osborn who was a major supplier to the Board of Ordnance from about 1785.