An unusual basket hilted backsword c 1750-1780.

Military Swords, Scottish Weapons
An unusual basket hilted backsword c 1750-1780. The straight single edge blade cut with 2 fullers and etched with a large crowned GR between scrolling ornaments. The wrought basket hilt of conventional form, the side plates are pierced with diamond shaped openings, and all the plates have fine foliate engraved decoration involving lines of punched dots and a ring punched ground, repeated on the stepped pommel. The guard bars attach to a ring beneath the pommel, and there is a short wrist guard. The sharkskin covered grip is bound with copper wire and retains its original woven turk's heads. The buckskin guard liner is covered with military cloth.
Blade length 32" (81.3cms) Overall length 37¾" (96cms)
The type of "busy" foliate engraving has much in common with the famous hall marked silver (Dublin 1738/39) Irish baskted hilted sword, which also has an atypical stepped pommel button. That Irish basket hilt is almost identical to another of gilt brass (Peter Finer 1995 No 191). There exists the possiblility therefore that this sword too is a true "Irish" basket hilt, although English or Scottish remain alternative possibilities.