A fascinating sword built for R.B. Cummins

Britain, India
Military Swords
A fascinating sword built for R.B. Cummins when an officer in the 46th Madras Native Infantry in 1863. The slender polished blade No 12610 by Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London, is etched with the crowned VR cypher amidst foliage, the owner's crest and motto, and along the back edge "R.B. CUMMINS 46th M.N.I.". The brass hilt with traces of gilding incorporates the owner's initials R.B.C. in the guard where the Royal cypher ought to be, a folding sideguard and retains its white buckskin dress knot. The grip is covered with fishskin and is bound with twisted copper wire. In its steel dress scabbard with 2 hanging rings. Together with extensive research data concerning R.B. Cummins (1839-1875) and his military career in India.
Blade length 32½" (82.5cms) Overall length including scabbard 39¼" (100cms)