Three swords of Thomas Henry Purser

Military Swords
Three swords of Thomas Henry Purser, of the 69th (later 1st) Hererfordshire Rifles (Bromyard Company) 1871-1892. Comprising his 1827 pattern Rifle officer's sword, the blade etched and mirror polished with crowned 69th Herefordshire Rifles, regimental badge, laurel wreath, Union flags and foliage. The regulation hilt incorporating the regimental badge. Contained in its steel dress scabbard; his 1845 pattern Infantry officer's Presentation sword, the blade by Prise & Co, Hart St, Covent Garden, London, etched and mirror polished with crowned VR cypher within foliage, together with "Presented to Major & Hon Lieut Col Thomas Henry Purser On His Promotion to Field Rank After 31 Years Service By Members of The Bromyard (D) Company Of The 1st Herefordshire Rifle Volunteer Corps April 1892" upon banners within foliage. The brass hilt and scabbard of regulation pattern; and his 1895 Pattern Infantry officer's sword, the blade by Hobson & Sons 1-3-5 Lexington St, London, is etched and mirror polished with crowned VR cypher, 1st Herefordshire R.V.C., and the owner's initials T.H.P. all amidst foliage. Regulation steel hilt and steel dress scabbard. All blades are preserved in almost mint condition, all hilts and scabbards have good age patina.
T.H. Purser, Lieut 18.2,1871 in the 4th (Bromyard) I.A. Bn; Major Hon Lieut Col 13.06.1891 in the King's (Shropshire Light Infantry)