The 1845 pattern Infantry officer's sword

Britain, India
Military Swords
The 1845 pattern Infantry officer's sword of Major General T.D. Carpenter (Madras Infantry). The regulation blade by Henry Wilkinson, Pall Mall, London, un-numbered (pre 1854) is etched with the crowned VR cypher amidst scrolling foliage and sharpened for field service. The hilt of regulation pattern rertaining some original gilding, folding sideguard, wire bound fishskin grip. Contained in its brass scabbard. Preserved in untouched condition this sword would benefit from careful cleaning. An old and credible handwritten label reads "Another sword of Major Genl Thos David Carpenter Has also seen much service -especially in Band and Kirklace (?) campaign signed M S Lamb"
Blade length 32¾" (83cms) Overall length 38¼" (97.3cms)
Thomas David Carpenter, Madras Infantry 29 August 1859, Major General of H.M. Indian Forces (from 1860 Army List). This sword was purchased with 2 others in identical condition and with the same provenance (627 and 628) together with a related gold topped walking stick 629)