A good Victorian pump up air cane

Firearms, Long Guns and Rifles
A good Victorian pump up air cane by E.M. Reilly & Co c 1868. The steel "cane" is lacquered to imitate cherry bark. The "barrel" is fitted with open sights and breech loading tap, the brass end cap unscrews to reveal a 140 bore rifled brass barrel, which itself unscrews to reveal a 62 bore smoothbore barrel. The air reservoir unscrews, and is engraved on the face "E.M. REILLY Co LONDON" with a polished horn handle. Contained in its green felt lined fitted oak case with lacquered brass escutcheon. The browned twist air pump with detachable handle is engraved "E.M. REILLY & Co 502 NEW OXFORD ST. LONDON". The case also contains a hinged two piece mahogany loading rod with brass mounts for the shot barrel, the steel cocking key, valve key, brass shot measure, steel ball mould, spare valve (numbered 805) in its turned boxwood container, and 3 Eley's Universal printed paper shot cartridges for pump up air canes. The maker's trade label displays the gold and silver medals won by the firm at the Paris Exhibition of 1867.
Length of Barrel 19¼" (49cms) Length of case 23" (58.5cms)
E.M.Reilly published a "Treatise on Air Canes", and were specialist manufacturers or renown.