A good heavy German breastplate by Hans Becher Nuremburg

A good heavy German breastplate by Hans Becher Nuremburg c 1580 of Duplex construction (i.e. formed from two layers of sheet iron). Of conventional form with a distinct medial ridge and vestigial “peascod” projection, it is struck with a musket ball “proof”. A well formed thickened turn at the throat and deep down-turned skirt, retaining its original brass buckles for the shoulder straps. Struck with the maker’s mark of Hans Becker and the Nuremburg Guild mark (both worn), the outside surface has been cleaned and varnished probably 50 to 100 years ago. Good colour and patina overall.
Weight 14lbs (6kgs)
Notes: the maker’s mark is recorded in D.S. Hawtrey Gyngell “Armourers Marks” London 1959 p.31, and also in B. Claudelin “Catalogue of the Collection of Arms and Armour at Hallwyl House Stockholm”, Stockholm 1928 p.9, on the right rebebrace of half armour A.2. W. Boeheim “Handbuch de Waffenkunde”, Leipzig 1890 p 644 identifies Hans Becher’s mark, records him as a Nuremburg armourer who died in 1589, and that his work is represented at Vienna. For the seminal account of Duplex construction see de Reuck, Starley, Richardson & Edge “Duplex armour: an unrecognised mode of construction” Arms & Armour Vol 2 No 1 2005 Journal of the Royal Armouries, Leeds.