A good heavy Danish 1707 pattern cavalry trooper's breastplate

A good heavy Danish 1707 pattern cavalry trooper's breastplate, probably made in Suhl. Deeply struck on one shoulder with the mark HOFMAN above a hen within a shield and beneath a five pointed crown, and also with a musket ball proof. Formed with a medial ridge, the shallow skirt, neck and arm cusps are pierced with pairs of holes to retain the lining. Fitted with a pair of studs to retain the shoulder straps, and with a pair of down turned hooks for the waistbelt. The inside is deeply incised with the initials I.S. Retaining some original black munition finish, and with good age patina.
Weight 11lbs 4ozs (5.2kgs)
Provenance: The Tojhusmuseet, Kobenhavn, Denmark, by exchange. Note: Made in Suhl for Denmark. For an extensive article about these breastplates see Erik Troldhuus "Sorte kyrasser og brystplader" Vaabenhistoriske Aarbergers 2003, Nr 48, Devantier press 2003 pp 5-94, where the maker's mark is illustrated Fig 33a. Troldhuus says this is probably the mark of Johann Mathias Hoffmann in Heneberg (1693-1728), Suhl gunmaker and blacksmith, in which case the hen may be a rebus for Heneberg or may be the Suhl hen.