A good composite English (London) Harquebusier's armour

A good composite English (London) Harquebusier's armour, mid 17th Century. Comprising the pot (helmet) formed from 2 halves and joined along the comb, fitted with a hinged peak which is struck with the maker's initial D, and with original triple bar face guard. Original ear flaps suspended from later metal straps, the neckguard is embossed with 3 steps. The heavy breastplate is deeply struck with the maker's initials HH, together with subsequent arsenal stamps, a crowned IR (James II) and crowned AR (Queen Anne). Formed with a medial ridge and struck with 2 musket ball proof marks, and fitted with a pair of studs for the shoulder straps and a third stud to locate the waist belt. The backplate is struck with the maker's initial D together with the Cross of St. George (Commonwealth period government mark), and is fitted with later shoulder straps with iron cover plates, and later buckskin waistbelt with iron buckle. Iron rivets throughout, the pot retains much original black munition finish whilst the cuirass is preserved with a later black munition finish, good age patina overall.
Helmet weight 3lbs 4ozs (1.6kgs) cuirass weight 15lbs 8ozs (7.2kgs)
John Doewell's mark, the letter D was granted in 1637 and is illustrated by T. Richardson. For a good account of these armours, armourers and their marks see Thom Richardson "The London Armourers of the 17th Century" Royal Armouries, Leeds, 2004.