An English Commonwealth period trooper’s breastplate c 1650-1654

An English Commonwealth period trooper’s breastplate c 1650-1654, struck with the maker’s mark AN combined, the Armourers’ Company mark for the Commonwealth period a helmet above A and the Government acceptance mark for the Commonwealth period the Cross of St George. The breastplate is of conventional form deeply struck with a musket ball test mark, and with a distinct medial ridge, turned over edges at the arm cusps and raised neck, a short flared skirt, and fitted with a pair of studs to locate the shoulder straps.
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The combined AN mark is recorded against the name of Anthony Newman in the records of the Armourers and Brasiers’ Company of London (Guildhall 12805:8r). He was apprenticed in 1627 and free in 1635. At the Committee of the Army 20 June 1645 “contracted with Anthony Newman Armourer in St Buttolls Lane for one hundred Armes backs brests and potts English at Twenty Shillings p suite as good as any served in the Tower”. For further details of Anthony Newman, his mark and the others struck on this breastplate see T. Richardson “The London Armourers of the 17th century” Royal Armouries 2004