An interesting brass barrelled flintlock blunderbuss

An interesting brass barrelled flintlock blunderbuss by Philip Bond, London, built for the Excise Officers of the Hereford Collection c 1795-1800. The bell mouth barrel is struck with Tower of London private proof marks and the maker’s mark a crowned PB, and engraved LONDON, with turned reinforces. The rounded lock is engraved P-BOND. The brass mounts are of military style, and the trigger guard is engraved Hereford Collection. The ramrod is steel. Excellent untouched patina, the blunderbuss has been protected by a thick coating of varnish.
Barrel length 14” (35.5cms) Overall length 29¾” (75.5cms)
See H. Blackmore “Arms of the Customs and the Excise” in the Arms & Armour Society Journal Vol XV, No 4 Sept 1996 for an excellent account of the Excise men and P. Bond’s weapons for them. With a Board and Commissioners at its head the Excise was divided into districts known as Collections. The Excise taxes or duties were introduced in 1643 on spirits, beer, cider and tobacco. The Excise Collector was accompanied by a clerk and trusty guard armed with a blunderbuss. P Bond may well have enjoyed a monopoly of supply of flintlock weapons to the Excise. Excise men were killed during the Hereford Cider Riots of 1793 and this blunderbuss probably formed part of a consequential order. Philip John Joseph Bond, 59 Lombard Street (At the Golden Blunderbuss), 1794-1803.